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How Will Artificial Intelligence Change Your Work in 2017?

  • Written By Grace
  • Posted February 6, 2017
  • 2 minutes Read Time

It sounds like the stuff of science fiction, but as with many things that seem unbelievable and far-fetched, that’s exactly what we’re coming to expect in 2017. Artificial Intelligence is on the up in digital eCommerce, and it’s set to rock your working world. Are you ready?

What do we mean by Artificial Intelligence? AI is the term for the way computers and machines are programmed to perform in a way that suggests they have human intelligence. We’re talking automation, voice assist, connectivity and wearable technology. Artificial Intelligence takes the bones of what humans can do and embeds that into machines and apps and processes that work smarter and faster, to support human intelligence. AI technology can help us make better predictions, handle competition, analyse the data and analytics, and move us towards more effective and powerful decision making. AI can help with training, polling, handling questions of policy and support human face to face communication by offering the necessary facts and information quickly and easily.

In the past, it probably took a long time to compile the right data and create an informative presentation to communicate to your team and your stakeholders the position your company occupies in the marketplace. With AI, it’s faster, more accurate, and that frees up real people to do the things that robots could never replace: the human touch, innovation, creativity and fluent human communication. AI could help you with marketing, order fulfilment, communication and networking. It’s not magic but used in keeping with other strategies, and in line with your business goals and visions, it could make a welcome boost for the way you work in 2017.

The bottom line is that if you’ve been scared of technology, and if the term Artificial Intelligence has made it feel as if your staff are about to be replaced by androids and your management overtaken by a hologram, then you can relax. Instead of running from the technology, perhaps it’s time you investigated ways to embrace it.

With the right attitude, you can use the new technological opportunities to your favour. Speed up the information that’s available to your call handlers. Automate your eCommerce orders and stock-taking. Use AI to make your systems more efficient and you’ll be free to work on the rest of your business.