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How To Use Twitter For eCommerce

  • Written By Adam
  • Posted December 9, 2013
  • 2 minutes Read Time

Twitter is a social media tool that can expand your Magento business message rapidly and effectively. But many eCommerce Twitter users don’t take maximum advantage of their tweeting potential. Industry research shows some key factors to bear in mind to improve the chances that your Twitter use will light the fires of social networking, increasing engagement and ultimately raising your sales figures. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Images are a great way to encourage retweeting of posts. Figures show that tweets with images are almost twice as likely to be retweeted as those without (although, if the image is a FaceBook link, this figure is lower). If not an image, then what about a link to other related content. Nearly three-quarters of retweeted posts contain a link, and so much the better if the URL is shortened by using a link shortener such as Because characters are limited to 140, keep an eye on every keystroke and ask yourself how important it is.

While on the subject of limiting characters, it’s worth bearing in mind that the optimum length of retweeted posts on Twitter is around 110. Any more than that and interest drops, so work on an average of around 100 for your tweets. Within that limit, use obvious hashtags and you’ll find you’re fancy Inflatable Games Boxing around twice as likely to be retweeted than without. Restrict these to 1 or 2 hashtags though, as 3 or more proves to be an RT deterrent.

And, text being the currency of the internet, it’s worth watching your language because certain words seriously drive engagement while others can have the opposite effect. Try including words such as ‘You’, ‘please’, ‘check out’, ‘free’ and ‘retweet’ to maximise your Twitter appeal, but steer clear of vocab like ‘lol’, ‘bored’, ‘work’, ‘hey’ or ‘sleep’ as stats show these are less effective.

Finally, make sure that you use Twitter at the optimal times of the day and week to show your users you’re active when they are. Your choice of when to Tweet depends on your product or service – some customers will respond well to a mid weekend or evening prompt outside of working hours when they have more time on their hands. But reminding your eCommerce customer of their day job at the wrong time could make them less eager to retweet.

Whatever tricks of the trade you use, get Twitter working for you and your online presence will make sure you stay in your customers’ minds and world.