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How To Use Social Media To Extend Your Audiences Via Subcultures

  • Written By CJ
  • Posted November 22, 2016
  • 2 minutes Read Time

The 21st century is the age of the niche. Technological advances in new media have enabled the individual to flourish. Subcultures have been expanded and democratised via social media, which in turn has grown to play a major role in all aspects of society – including eCommerce. This has meant that most eCommerce businesses have been required to adapt their models accordingly. This includes a change in the way target markets are prioritised and engaged with via new media communications.


Brands make certain assumptions about their following and target audience. The real question remains just how influential these generalisations can be and the possible merits in avoiding the ‘average’ user on social media.

Knowing Your Customers

With the increasing focus of social media in eCommerce, it is more important than ever to humanise subjects and consider the individual. Could assuming the ‘average’ user lead to ‘average’ results?  eCommerce sites could lead the way in destructing the ‘average’ user via the introduction of subculture consideration. First, a brand must consider their subcultures and the core values and beliefs behind them. A proper and thorough understanding of their communities allows the brand to form a distinct brand identity, an authentic voice, whilst still creating more purposeful goals and thus increasing profits.

Bringing In subcultures

When a brand and their customer are at one with its values and visions for the future, a certain level of trust can be established, breaking down the ‘us’ and ‘them’ barriers between producers and consumers. A mutual understanding of priorities and morals contributes to the togetherness of the brand, creating more of a community feel overall. The merits this can have for revenue and sales are considerable and should not be overlooked on larger scales of business models.

Following this, consistency and diversity are both key elements to ensure future success. Social media owe their growth to users themselves. In this sense, ecommerce sites could also flourish in putting the consumer at the centre of business. Brands must also consider the right way to reach new communities via learning about them, engaging with them and creating relationships on the users’ own terms.

Once you bring in and begin to utilise the benefits of subcultures on social media, it is vital to keep in mind the variety of consumers now listening and engaging with your brand. Marketing materials need to be sensitive to the cultural differences your brand may have encompassed.

If this all sounds alien to you, not to worry! At Media Lounge we not only produce the best ecommerce sites, but also offer ongoing support throughout the process to guarantee quality results for your business.