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How To Use Periscope To Better Your eCommerce

  • Written By Adam
  • Posted June 21, 2016
  • 2 minutes Read Time

Have you tried using video for your eCommerce marketing campaigns? If not, how about taking a look at Periscope? Periscope is a live video app that allows you to connect with your customers, anything from a live question and answer session (with real customer interaction and feedback) to capturing an event to help profile your brand.

The exclusive nature of the app means that consumers are encouraged to experience the stream as and when it happens. The fleeting way of the social network Snapchat offers a similarly privileged encounter for anyone lucky enough to catch the story in the 24 hours available, however, the bonus of the direct live interaction with the streamer creates a strong sense of connection for audience members that cannot be matched.

Periscope’s commenting system also means that the audience has a much closer relationship with the streamer, with comments being displayed on the screen for all viewers to see and watch the streamer react.

It’s a feature of Periscope that videos (‘scopes’) disappear within 24 hours if they haven’t been saved. If you save them, that gives you a valuable clip for your site FAQ or resources. But if you simply let them disappear, that makes business sense too. The rarity aspect – you had to be there – gets people talking, and creates a sense of urgency and buzz.

Viral happenings can become an unexpected bonus for this media type. Take for instance January’s ‘puddle watch’, where millions of people tuned in to watch passers-by attempt (and often hilariously fail) to navigate a large puddle covering a walkway in Newcastle after a monsoon. This even prompted real-life responses to the event, with adventurous locals attempting to find the body of water, armed with surfboards and inflatables, to join in with the aqueous banter.

While a viral hit of this magnitude is near impossible to synthesise, it’s worth considering strategies to boost the turnout of your virtual gathering. You never know, your brand’s periscope could become the next big trend.

Periscope is too good to miss. Give it a go and see where your creativity takes you and your eCommerce website!