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How To Prevent mCommerce Customers Abandoning Their Baskets

  • Written By Grace
  • Posted February 13, 2017
  • 3 minutes Read Time

We are making a conscious effort to make as many eCommerce shop owners as possible aware of the fact that many retailers are neglecting the essential need to fix their online shopping experience for potential customers. We say potential because it was only around a year ago that it was revealed there were more than 50% of consumers who were shopping via mobile devices who abandon their baskets before they get to the hallowed checkout point. A shocking stat, we’re sure you would agree, and one no one wants to suffer themselves!

One good thing to note from what would otherwise be a completely worrying statistic is that the 50% is a drop when compared to 2013. Two years ago, abandoned shopping baskets on mobile devices were a whopping 66%! So, we can see that the journey is improving, but 68% of consumers are reporting that they still come across difficulties when it comes to a transaction on smart devices. So, it’s a usability issue that needs to be addressed, essentially.

Let’s take a dive into what you, as an online business, can do to prevent those pesky abandonments. Three areas you need to account for in terms of appeasing your mobile consumer are as follows:

 Slow Loading Times

Nearly a third (32%) of people, when asked, said that slow loading times was a reason for them ditching their purchase.

 Problematic Payment Process

The second point should NEVER be something you hear from consumers using your mCommerce store. 27% of all people in the study stated that a store’s complicated payment process gave them cause to bail out.

 Navigation Issues

With the help of professional mobile eCommerce designers like those who head up our team at Media Lounge, this should never be an issue for you again. But as it stands, difficulty with navigating the checkout process was a reason for 26% of all people leaving their shopping basket early.

 So, those were the main reasons why people opted out before making the all-important purchase. Additionally, it was found that 21% used uncertainty about the purchase as the reason for calling time on their experience, with a relatively low 16% of abandonment due to concerns over payment security.

More than 1,000 adults in the UK took part in the study with fashion named as the most frequently abandoned sector (53%). Furthermore, 39% of all mobile food and drinks, which also accounts for takeaway cuisine and groceries, were abandoned before purchase.

If your not part of the solution, then you are part of the problem, and this will ultimately cost you money, or a loss of it through deflated sales if your mobile experience isn’t up to scratch for the consumer. Media Lounge is specialists in ensuring this never has to be something your business worries about, ever again.

We use integration with Magento eCommerce through the use of a multifaceted source of solutions. One Website repositions content depending on the size of the device, a single admin panel is provided to work on various devices, and faster load times across the whole site become apparent once Magento is implemented. These are just a pick of the reasons why you should choose Magento, so why not see what else this complete service can do for you today?