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How To Make Best Use Of The About Us Page On Your eCommerce Store

  • Written By Adam
  • Posted October 31, 2013
  • 2 minutes Read Time

Would it surprise you to know that on average, visitors to the ‘About Us’ page on your Magento site are about 5 times likelier to purchase goods or services from you afterwards than those who don’t? It’s an intriguing statistic, but when you think about it, it stands to reason. People looking around your eCommerce site want to know something about you that makes you stand out from the crowd; something that gives them a reason to trust and commit. And not just your bargain prices or your cutting edge design either. They’re looking for the human side of your story.

There’s no point in making up a story that sounds more interesting or exciting than the truth because however you got to where you are today is the most unique and apt way to give customers a taste of the heart and soul of your business. Dress it up only to the extent of retelling it in an engaging way that isn’t long-winded or overly detailed. Get to the main points quickly enough to keep them reading. And don’t use that space to try selling or telling the reader what they need. If they’ve come to an ‘About Us’ page, that’s what they’ll expect to find – the rest of the internet is always only a click away if you let them down on that!

Say something about the roots of the company – clearly and simply. Give some idea of your values and goals, and the reasons you started doing what you do now. If you can include a video of anyone connected with your business, that’s a great idea, whether they’re a passing customer or the CEO. A testimonial could also a good move. And give a physical business address at the bottom to show you exist in real life, not just in some virtual Magento universe. Basically, make sure your About Us page provides the human face of your eCommerce store.