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How To Level The eCommerce Playing Field

  • Written By Ali
  • Posted April 12, 2017
  • 2 minutes Read Time

Ever felt like your little Magento site is a rather small fry compared with the global eCommerce megastores? That may be so, but there are certain things that all consumers respond well to, and big or small, your job as an eCommerce pro is just to do them and do them well.

Wide ranges of products are good, as is staying aware of what’s selling well elsewhere. Is your pricing right? Think about it. Unless you have all sort of other things going for you, the price is going to be the issue that sways consumers to purchase in your direction. For that reason, you really need to know what your competitors are charging and stay on top of those sneaky eCommerce sales campaigns they like to throw in when you’re not looking. Undercut them and publicise that well, and you might be okay. Keep your prices sky high and, hmm… not so much.

How Can I Be More Successful In eCommerce?

If you’re on top of data collection that’s great, provided you’re actually using it. (Don’t worry. Making the best use of data doesn’t have to mean hours poring over spreadsheets. There are so many ways of automating the process; you might as well make use of what’s available and put the kettle on.) Patterns and predictable behaviours can often show you ways you can cash in on extra sales. Maybe you can find the gap in the market for the strategy or additional Magento customer service that will make all the difference.

Do you charge the same price at all times? What about when your eCommerce costs decrease in ways that you could pass on to your customers? The big guns in the eCommerce industry are able to track changes and keep their margins low, so if you’re able to follow suit, this is going to be a good thing. Think about some Magento A/B testing to improve your pricing strategies and tweak what needs tweaking.

Perhaps the day will come when Amazon is no longer the go-to site for nearly half of online shoppers, but that will be when there are other alternatives that are doing things just as well and levelling the playing field. Go on. Give them a run for their money.

If you’re interested in talking to our expert Magento eCommerce development team about how you can get your business up and run on the platform, then why not get in contact with us today and see what we can do for you?