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How To Increase Sales at Christmas

  • Written By Marcus
  • Posted December 15, 2016
  • 2 minutes Read Time

For most Magento UK businesses, Christmas is the optimum time of the year to get sales figures rocketing! Even if you’re not selling products that can double up as stocking fillers (spare a thought for rotary washing line manufacturers!) there are often other reasons why demand increases at the end of the calendar year. Sometimes winter is the time for customers to stock up on items as it’s the quieter time of the year, or businesses have more time to search for bargains. Sometimes there’s just a big effort to pull out all the stops and get outstanding jobs completed by the new year. That’s why, whatever you’re selling, the chances are you may be asking yourself, ‘how do we increase sales over Christmas?’

So, let’s take a look at a festive parcel of potential answers to that great question.

Start by recognising the power of urgency. All year round you’ve probably announced limited offers and short-term bargains, so why not reuse a few of these strategies and give them a seasonal twist? Have a counter on your site to announce the number of remaining days left for shopping. If the product range you offer isn’t unique to your Magento store, you’ll want to add value that gives your eCommerce customers an incentive to buy from you rather than going elsewhere. What about gift wrapping, vouchers, or a returns service for unwanted presents that extends until  January?

Surveys say that price matching is becoming increasingly important to customers looking for a December bargain. If this sounds like a recipe for lower profits, then remember that many shoppers won’t take this route anyway. For those who do, it could just be worth your while longer term to retain loyal customers – keeping their eyes directed on your site rather than losing them to a competitor.

Make Christmas shopping a no-brainer for your site visitors by giving them ideas for gifts. Add some gift ideas to your landing pages, or you could even add an online gift-generator, which will increase customer engagement with your Magento site, and engender extra trust in your brand. You could also try bundling items to increase volumes purchased and to prompt experienced shoppers to look beyond their normal product choices.

Whatever you do, make the most of the top season for eCommerce shopping!