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How To Improve Checkout Conversion

  • Written By CJ
  • Posted December 18, 2013
  • 2 minutes Read Time

You know the feeling – you click on a link and then intense frustration takes over all of a sudden, and you decide you can’t wait even an extra second for the page to load. It happens to all of us. In fact, what do you think the percentage is of people who don’t wait more than 3 seconds before clearing off to try a different link? It’s a massive 57%,

When the page has finally loaded and we’re presented with a range of products, how long do you think it takes most of us to make a basic judgement as to whether or not to go ahead and buy? Actually, it’s just 90 seconds.

So you make a choice of what to buy and carry through the motions. What do you think is the percentage of eCommerce carts that get abandoned at checkout? It’s almost 65%.

Armed with these statistics, and others like them, we can make some pretty accurate guesses as to the type of improvements that will make all the difference to the conversion rate for your Magento store.

For starters, you want to make sure your landing page loads fast enough to get your hard-earned audience through the front door of your site.

Once they’ve made it that far, give them the right information they’re looking for in a form that is quick to digest. Visual cues make a big difference here – product images and even videos. If you can display more than one image for a product, you’ll be looking at 58% more likely sales.

Coupons and deals are a good way to create eCommerce conversions. The feel of getting a bargain is often too good to miss. Shipping is a big one. If shipping costs become a nasty surprise at the end of the checkout experience, you’re just asking for an abandoned cart or loss of consumer interest. Free shipping is more likely to bring conversions.

So there are a few essential tips for improving your eCommerce checkout conversion rate.