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How To Grow Your eCommerce Audience

  • Written By Grace
  • Posted January 26, 2016
  • 2 minutes Read Time

Having a growing eCommerce audience is likely to mean a growing number of sales. Of course, there’s a difference between unique site visits and returning customers, but having a growing audience is mainly about introducing new customers to your online store.

So how’s it done? Content marketing is always a good place to start. In a survey of marketers carried out this year, nearly 30% voted content marketing as the most important solution to building an eCommerce audience. Regularly updated rich and informative content is THE valuable eCommerce resource, so you’ll want to invest in creating and publishing some really good quality content. YouTube video content is a form of content marketing you might not have considered. Add links back to your store and make the content highly watchable and shareable (e.g. visually interesting, amusing, unexpected…) and you’ll gain a following of people who find themselves impressed with your brand because they know from your free content that you produce quality.

Don’t overlook traditional advertising routes such as pay-per-click, digitals ads etc. In one recent example, a US online seller invested just $100 in a Facebook campaign and gained thousands of registrations and immediate financial returns in sales of around $1800. That’s a healthy return!

Meanwhile back at content marketing, remember that your product descriptions have a dual purpose when it comes to successful eCommerce. You need to inform and catch the eye of the discerning real-life human reader, but you also need to appeal to the Google search bots and their complex algorithms. In basic terms, this means using rich language, fabulous images and detailed descriptions.

You could decide to distribute your lucrative online content in creative and point-scoring ways, such as a subscription-only newsletter to encourage interested customers to sign up. But if you’re just looking to expand your reach and get the message out there as widely as possible, work on creating some viral-quality content that will distribute itself as people laugh, or gasp, and bookmark your marketing brilliance for future reference.

In short, grow your UK eCommerce website audience by showing customers you care enough to make an effort to give something in return for their visit.