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How To Get Your First Sale With Shopify

  • Written By Grace
  • Posted April 18, 2017
  • 2 minutes Read Time

When you’re on a roll with your eCommerce UK business, new purchases and new clients might be something you can take in your stride. But until you’ve made that very first online sale it can feel like a bit of a mountain to climb. But how can you get your first sale with Shopify?

You already know the kind of thing you need to be doing to secure that first order. You know all the strategies and approaches, and you probably already spend hours working on your site to tune it up and optimise it, but what if your first sale still seems elusive.

Well, let’s ask the obvious question straightaway. You have the site, you have the product, but have you done anything to get out there in the marketplace, and not just wait on the sidelines for people to come to you?

The point is that you need to drive the traffic to your door. So as a next step, why not determine to spend the next few weeks doing nothing but driving traffic. How?

First off, try marketing to people you already know, or people who are friends of those you know. Pitch yourself to the communities you belong to. You might pick up a few easy sales with a few tempting discounts. Don’t wear them out with more and more emails, but definitely let them know you’re trading.

Next, have a think about groups and forums you haven’t yet joined but who might contain the very people who are in the market for your goods and services. In those places, you could also find support and advice from people who are seasoned professionals in your field.

After that, pay per click advertising could be your next best bet. Consider who your target market is and where they hang out so that you can tailor your advertising to them. Facebook advertising is a popular and cost-effective choice, as long as you know who you want to reach out to. Other social media marketing can also be effective. Give it a go.

Beyond that, how about the bloggers and influencers in your field? Get someone on board who has a decent number of followers, and you could really help get your message out there.

The bottom line is this: if you haven’t had your first eCommerce sale, or things have closed down a bit after a promising start, ask yourself whether you’re really putting yourself out there. Just like a physical store, you’ll need to open the door…