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How To Call Your Customers To Action

  • Written By Javier
  • Posted April 6, 2015
  • 2 minutes Read Time

Calls to action are an eCommerce basic. From that prominent ‘BUY NOW!’ button through to a more casual ‘Join the conversation at…’ link, customers prefer to be gently coerced than to expend their own energy on making choices. Note the word ‘gently’ though. Shoppers can quickly feel punch drunk as they wade through more and more sites with flashing animations and eye screaming colours that pollute their screens. If you can offer a straightforwardly encouraging and worthwhile looking clicking option, the chances are you’ll attract the weary eCommerce customer without them having to analyse their decision too much.

You may need to test a few different designs, colours and text choices before you plump for the one that really draws them in. Try some A/B testing on your Magento colour schemes and layout, and see what’s going to work for you. But here are some sensible ideas to start you off.

Simplicity is powerful. Contrary to popular amateur eCommerce site design opinion, more is not more. People will not be more inclined to follow your call to action if you attach yourself to their cursor with trailing graphics and a flashing bright pink button. Too many spam sites and unwanted screen intrusions have left eCommerce customers averse anything that looks like it’s trying too hard. Instead, make sure it is clear, straightforward navigation and plenty of white breathing space around your call to action buttons; make sure they stand out for all the right reasons.

Key graphics and pictures work well as subconscious calls to action. Hero images, as they are sometimes called, are visual components that suggest an aspirational goal you want them to identify with your Magento product. Give such images pride of place and tailor them carefully to match your customer base, in their needs, wants and interests.

Remember to place calls to action above the fold – in other words, before the need to scroll down beyond the initial view. If you grab their attention there, you’ll be more likely to encourage them to go further into your eCommerce site. Clutter that landing page though and you’ll have the opposite effect.

Call for action properly, and your customers will answer the call.