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How To Build Brand Trust And Customer Engagement

  • Written By Marcus
  • Posted June 10, 2016
  • 2 minutes Read Time

We’ve said it before and we’ll keep saying it, online selling needs to engage with the same basic marketing needs of a face to face customer. Your Magento store can’t afford to be the virtual equivalent of a scruffy shopkeeper who shuffles in his slippers and grunts impolitely to customers. It’s time to get more professional and take brand engagement seriously.

Keeping it simple, let’s think about your homepage. For many eCommerce customers, it’s the front door into your business. Your shop front doesn’t only need to be functional, it needs to be welcoming, attractive, engaging and a nice place to be. Other stores are available, and only a click away.

When your customers first arrive at your business site, they are window shopping. They need very little encouragement to go elsewhere, but there are some things you can do that are likely to encourage them to stick around longer and find reasons to convert. Make your Magento homepage easy to use and straightforward to understand, by styling it with a clean-cut, minimalist design. This approach has benefits beyond the obvious. One is that you’ll be mirroring the way successful eCommerce companies project their benchmark of professionalism in your industry. You’ll be speaking the visual language of the big name brands. Don’t choose fonts that are too quirky, except perhaps in the odd touches that communicate your distinctive brand personality. Be unique, but don’t try to be overly impressive, clever or showy as you could alienate customers.

Being consistent is particularly important. If your brand name has a particular spelling or uses capitals and lowercase in a specific way, stick to that right across the website and all your literature. Ensure the ‘voice’ of your copywriting stays consistent across the board so that your customers become familiar with the recognisable tone of your writing, just as if they were getting to know a real person.

Above all, encouraging your customers to engage with and be loyal to your brand is not just about wearing a fancy dress that promotes a consistent and trustworthy image. It’s about actually being consistent and trustworthy. Listen to their questions, tighten up customer service. Just like they were standing there, in front of you.