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How Magento Drives More eCommerce Conversions And Sales

  • Written By Ali
  • Posted August 6, 2017
  • 2 minutes Read Time

Given the choice, it seems like most people would choose to shop from a mobile device rather than go and visit an actual shop on the high street. Magento plays a big part in that, which is why it’s a platform we (and many other consultants) strongly recommend it to eCommerce retailers.

Lets have a look at some reasons online sellers love Magento.

The open source thing is cool. It means that many people have probably already attempted to solve any issue you’re currently facing, and so their expertise is ready and available to hand, to help you. Whether that’s about technology or design, optimisation for your niche market, or  just smoothing over some glitch you’ve stumbled across. The community is there for everyone.

Magento sites are responsive to different devices, so that whether a customer comes to you on a smart phone, tablet or desktop screen, they’ll get the same seamless experience. The screens you need for checkout and shipping are simple and intuitive.

Magento also picks up on the essential information about the location of your customer and their shopping behaviours. Those stats are going to really help when it comes to extending their order or offering them the choices that are going to suit them. It’s a notch up from those online stores that only present the one single product the customer came searching for.

As we all know, the single biggest factor in abandoned carts happens around the checkout, shipping experience. Many shoppers give up at this stage, looking for cheaper or faster delivery, or getting put off by having to input too many personal details.

Magento gives you the edge here too. Simple, simple, simple. Just one step. And then follow-up emails that help to prompt any customers you did manage to lose along the way, just in case they might be tempted back. That’s good eCommerce practice.

The SEO potential of Magento is impressive, and a shop on this platform is likely to find itself climbing the ranks of internet search listings, which means that it’s easily found by someone looking for the kind of products you sell.

If you’re now wondering how to make the most of Magento features on your site, get in touch and we’ll help you design and manage your store, so you can improve business and hit those targets.