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How Magento 2 Enhances Users Experience, Performance and Quality

  • Written By Chris
  • Posted July 16, 2017
  • 2 minutes Read Time

We all love Magento. For eCommerce businesses who really want to make it in the marketplace, Magento definitely simplifies the experience of selling, and provides a professional shop front that can compete with pretty much any of the competition out there.

So what about Magento 2? With the latest upgrade to the platform, a few welcome new features have arrived in the Magento world, and they are designed to help you streamline your workflow and boost business performance across the board. It’s worth having a closer look.

First lets look at how Magento 2 has tightened up on the checkout experience and provided even more flexibility for purchasers.

Purchasing is a big issue. So let’s consider what’s most important. People want to use whatever channels they choose to pay for the goods and services you’re supplying. That’s why Paypal integration is good news.

Your customers won’t have to enter a separate ID to pay in this way, which means a few less screens and keystrokes before the goods are paid for and on their way to your shipping department. That’s more incentive for them to complete the sale there and then.

Guest checkouts are always popular of course, but it’s always a shame when a guest purchaser returns for another sale and find they have to re-enter all the same information again. It’s not very friendly. Fortunately that has been solved too now, in Magento 2. If repeat guest purchasers choose, they can simply opt to pay in the same way as their previous purchase. Much quicker, and another way to help prevent an abandoned trolley.

Behind the scenes, page loads for admin tasks are so much faster now too. When you’re stocking your virtual shelves with new products, you’re only a few seconds away from seeing the finished update. Every second counts.

And with the help of Braintree, you can now customise the information that appears on your customer’s statements. That means they know exactly who to contact if there’s a problem, which means less customer service hassle or calls dealing with confusions.

Great updates from an already great platform. With Magento 2, eCommerce sellers continue to know they are in good hands.