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How Do I Improve My Site Through Testing?

  • Written By CJ
  • Posted November 18, 2013
  • 2 minutes Read Time

When you’re looking at improving sales figures and making the most of your eCommerce site, it’s well worth taking some time to test a range of options to find out which strategies have the best results. By tracking customer responses to your changes you’ll be able to find out which tweaks make all the difference.

A great time to do some site testing is if your Magento business has undergone some recent changes like you’re reaching out to a new demographic or modifying the business model. You can take the guesswork out of your improvements by getting the stats that back up the strategies you choose. So, with that said, let’s answer the question, ‘how do I improve my site through testing?’

The first thing you can try is to change some of the languages you’re using to make it more persuasive. The word ‘get’ is known to bring great results, so it’s worth giving that a try instead of ‘buy now’. Bear in mind though, that some phrases, like ‘add to cart’, are the best keeping intact as they are so recognisable they act as an intuitive signal to the customer. Arrows have a similar subliminal effect in directing the gaze and action of the customer, so experiment with these.

Test different ways of adding value to your product, such as through a time-limited offer, or not needing a credit card. Quick and easy sign-ups are another incentive, and as with all these ideas, it’s worth testing with and without to discover just how much difference the changes are making.

Finally, what about those changes that aren’t quite so obvious. Take, for example, modifying your call to action buttons – their size, shape, colour and placement. By trial and testing you’ll find out what works best for your particular market, but it’s worth considering whether they contrast well enough against your Magento site colour scheme and whether they are high enough visibility. Amazon buttons, for example, used to be more rectangular, but testing has resulted in them opting instead for rounding off one end as this gets higher conversions.

We can never be complacent when considering improvements to be made to eCommerce sites, but only testing provides the real evidence of what works best.