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How Customisable Is Shopify Really?

  • Written By Livie
  • Posted August 14, 2017
  • 2 minutes Read Time

Customisation is a great way to be unique, and on the internet, that’s obviously a big deal. However, just like so many things in life, having a familiar flavour, or format or layout that feels recognisable is also really important.

As most people are used to shopping via, say Amazon, it helps if online stores have a similar feel to their checkout and layout and search capabilities, so that everything feels professional and plausible to the customer, without them having to think too much. Shopify allows customisation, but with professional themes and templates that allow you to have the best of both worlds.

You only have to look at shops that are using the Shopify platform, and you can see the power of the technology at work. Design, fluency and rich content brought together for a shopping experience that is brought to life. Some would say that Shopify represents the very best in online retailing platforms.

What sellers want is to have a frontend that’s finely tuned for customer accessibility and ease, but then also, a backend that makes life simple for the retailer. Shopify recognises that these questions are ones that shouldn’t require a team of technical staff to setup and manage, so they’ve developed software that is designed to achieve what’s required for both customer and seller.

There are some specialised stores that cash-in on customisation and would ideally ask for the chance to go beyond the limit of 100 variants that exist on Shopify. Those are outlets who make a selling point out of allowing customers to make endless tweaks of their own to the customisation of products. In those cases, the 100 variant Shopify limit can seem unhelpful.

But even there, it’s possible to use code to sidestep the constraints, or create a range of meta fields to do the job for you. For really serious Shopify development, there’s even a tool such as ShopifyFD (Freak Design) that will really help you in making the changes you need to make your shop completely your own.

And how about discounts and coupons? Nowadays, Shopify offers a wide range of ways for you to offer money-off bargains and specific campaigns for certain demographics of your customer base. And as for the all-important checkout experience, Shopify will allow more than 100 payment gateways if necessary.

You want customisation? Shopify will give it to you.