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How Businesses Are Transforming Through Digital Marketing Trends

  • Written By Ali
  • Posted June 2, 2017
  • 2 minutes Read Time

When we think of trends in business, we need to imagine waves of progress and the flow of development across the board, in ways that affect the whole marketplace, not just each individual business. Here are some trends that have knock-on effects on you and your marketing.

Did you know 90% of the growth in paid online advertising is shared between Google and Facebook? Strong trends like this encourage businesses to jump in on what’s happening, which will only increase the dominance of the big two. Interestingly, this is at a time when everyone is double checking facts, and in doing so some evidence has been found of inflated Facebook figures and questionable YouTube ads being shown next to brands. Trends and market dominance may not be based on effectiveness, as much as following the masses. Worth bearing in mind.

Automation is on the rise. So much multitasking is needed to compete in today’s business world, where marketing is also about film-making, graphics and digital content creation. Any large-scale data collection and collation depends on artificial intelligence to do the work, faster and more efficiently than humans. Facial recognition and other tagging technologies, including news-trending algorithms, automatically scour the internet to present us with the ‘hot’ topics. It means that you’ll probably have to get in on the action and be seen to compete.

Live videos are a recognised crowd-puller in marketing terms. People will be far more likely to watch live than recorded content. However, the live feeds don’t necessarily have quality content. It can be tempting to go the live video route for marketing, without having anything much to say. Remember that quality is important, or you’re just sending out excess traffic into busy inboxes.

So in a world where business marketing trends have tidal wave strength, how can your business survive? Makes sure you’re measuring success and making use only of the tools that deliver. Keep your ear to the ground for new trends and technology so that you can be ahead of the game. And keep your content genuinely valuable, with true stories that people can relate to, and information that really answers the questions they are asking.

These trends may not be everyone’s idea of progress, but it’s the landscape we’re trading in.