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Holiday Season Shopping Trends That eCommerce Businesses Need To Know

  • Written By Livie
  • Posted November 13, 2015
  • 2 minutes Read Time

No Magento eCommerce store owner can afford to neglect the potential that the December holiday season offers for online shopping. The run-up to the Christmas period means some of the very best in eCommerce potential, but your competitors know that too, and you can bet your Christmas bonus, they are getting themselves geared up to follow consumer trends and stay right on the ball. If you want a piece of the eCommerce action, you’ll want to keep updated with the latest shopping trends. Here are a few basics.

The first one is not so much about technological progress, more about getting your basics organised. Consumers have so many great quality choices around them, it’s easy to lose a sale for a silly reason. Tighten up on your eCommerce checkout experience and make sure the prices displayed are up to date, which also means staying on top of any delivery charges, special money-off rates and loyalty incentives. Increasingly Magento shoppers are used to expecting things to work smoothly and failing that they’ll be clicking next door without another thought. While we’re at it, make sure your site is PCI compliant so that purchasing security goes without saying.

Have we mentioned social media? If you’re not making optimum use of analytics, then you’re wasting impressive eCommerce sales opportunities. Not just Facebook either. Use a range of channels to demonstrate to the public that you can keep abreast of the word on the street and you have a following. That means adding Twitter and Pinterest at the very least. Keep your Magento site responsive too so that customers returning to your site feel warmly welcomed as your site automatically spells out their given preferences and contact details in all the right places.

Here’s an eCommerce trend you might not have thought of: if you’re a store with a physical shop as well as a virtual one, think about inventive ways of integrating the two experiences. Consumers love to feel a bit like Harry Potter as they wield their magical smartphone like a wand in your magical eCommerce universe. This means seamless integration and includes getting your eCommerce site optimised for a variety of devices. Desktop, smartphone, tablets all need to have tailor-made interfaces so that purchasing on any of them is straightforward and engaging. Magento shoppers like to view their choices on a variety of screens even in the process of a single sale, so be prepared.