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Here’s Why You Should Be Using Magento As Your eCommerce Platform

  • Written By Adam
  • Posted April 13, 2016
  • 2 minutes Read Time

If you are looking for eCommerce solutions that work then Magento development is the choice for you. Since its launch in 2008 Magento has managed to reap exceptional interest. Magento can boast the fact that it has successfully established itself as one of the most frequently used eCommerce platforms among those that are available to obtain on the market.

So if you were thinking of acquiring Magento eCommerce services, or you’re looking to switch from your current eCommerce platform here are six great reasons why you’re making the right choice!


Magento offers you two editions- you can choose from Magento Community or Magento Enterprise. Magento Community is free, and Magento Enterprise is the paid service. Both Magento Enterprise and Magento Community have similar base codes, however, the Enterprise version comes with further added support and functionality.

The Complete Package

Magento eCommerce offers, possibly, the utmost complete open source eCommerce solution on the market and has successfully been able to ward off rivalry from the likes of Hybris, Oracle ATG, and IBM web commerce.


There are currently more than 5000 extensions available to Magento users on the market, making the platform extensible and straightforward to adapt. Those opting to use these extensions mean they gain the allowance to tailor their store to meet the necessities of their business.


Originally Magento was created so that users could realise the benefits of running in a multi-server setup within a clustered environment so as to be scaled over any amount of web servers. Therefore, it becomes simplistic to handle a large bulk of requests. Additionally, the performance of your shop can be sizably improved by increasing the number of nodes used.


In the midst of some criticisms related to Magento’s performance, it is crucial to take into account the resource-hungry nature of this particular platform, particularly when the capacity of transactions is large.


With Magento offering such flexibility as an eCommerce platform, its very dexterousness when it comes to payment options, product customisation, or shipping and handling is exceptional. It permits the merchant to manage the shop’s presence in the form of looks, functionality, and of course content using its intuitive management interface.