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Growing Your Business. What’s The Secret?

  • Written By Javier
  • Posted March 3, 2017
  • 2 minutes Read Time

So, you’re looking to grow your business? Today we’ll take a bit of a sideways view of business growth. We’ll consider, not what your customer can do for your business, but what your business can really do for your customer. Yes, that way around.

If you seriously want to take things up a notch and be one of the best eCommerce sites out there, you’ll have to consider the basics, such as classic sales and marketing techniques, building a great team, even future-proofing your technology. But here’s the thing that sometimes gets overlooked: what really counts is making a difference for your client’s business.

Your client is the one who is paying you for your goods and services. Your client is the one who has already heard and acted on your marketing messages. Your clients, to be honest, are the ones who are making your business happen. If their profits are growing, you still get paid. If things fall flat for them, who is going to bear some of that brunt? Yes, you.

That goes for goods and services. If your products are as good as your sales pitch says they are, then your customers are going to tell their friends. If you cheat them out of their money in order to make a quick sale or to offload old stock that isn’t really up to scratch, then you’ll find they won’t come back. It really is all about making things count for your client.

So, instead of your business goals, how about considering what they need that you can offer to get them even more successful. What could you do that would really get their attention today because it’s such good news, and makes such great business sense for how their business works? Do you have any actual value that you could add to their success or happiness by letting them know some industry-specific information that you can give away for free?

At the end of the day, it’s not even so much about being the best, it’s about how you are perceived. If you’re a good friend to your clients’ business, they’re more likely to remain a client to yours.