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Say Hello To ‘Meet’ Google’s New Hangout

  • Written By Livie
  • Posted April 28, 2017
  • 2 minutes Read Time

It’s always nice to say hello, but in business terms, it’s vital. Everybody knows that making contact with people is great for building business and maintaining good relationships with your industry. That’s why, increasingly, a technology that allows us to bridge distances and communicate with video is a must-have.

So, we’re here to tell you about a new kid on the block, and it comes from probably the very biggest name online at the moment. ‘Meet’ is Google’s latest attempt to corner the video conferencing market. With HD capabilities, this application is a bit like the old Google Hangouts, but it’s designed for business rather than pleasure. Now, it’s no secret that Google Hangouts never were quite as smooth a video chat experience as we wanted them to be, and in fact, the familiar hangout apps are no longer in operation. But Google’s new focus is business use, and so we can expect it to be an upgraded experience.

Yes, it’s true, you could already do group video calls with Hangouts. Nothing new there. But here on Meet, we find an increase in functionality. Rather than just a handful of delegates, how about the chance to reach out to up to 30 at once. If you use Meet as part of the G Suite Enterprise Edition, with just one tap people can dial their way into your business meeting.

If you’re a fan of Google Calendar and you’re a Gmail user, Meet offers integration that makes meeting organisation of meetings much simpler. It’s that kind of joined-up process that has fared well in other similar suites of online technology, as users look for simplicity and smooth links with their existing workflow.

Having said all this, Meet is still awaiting its big reveal, but if you look on iTunes you’ll find an iOS app already available for Apple users looking to be early adopters of the Google technology. Android users still have a bit of a wait.

Of course, competition is tough, with video conferencing giants Skype and others watching in the wings, but in its favour, Google’s integration with other very popular Google products could make Meet a bit of a masterstroke.

The Meet application, if it proves to be popular, could show the future of eCommerce websites integrating video chatting into their customer service process.