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Google Rolls Out New Mobile Friendly Algorithm

  • Written By Andy
  • Posted July 14, 2016
  • 2 minutes Read Time

As we know, Google search rankings are high currency in the eCommerce world. Every opportunity for an extra boost is something Magento site owners should seriously consider. So let’s have a quick talk about getting your Magento eCommerce site mobile-ready. Even above the usual reasons for this being a good idea, mobile-friendly sites are now also in for a well-deserved search ranking boost from Google.

You know that feeling of being the one in the class who actually managed to do their homework on time, and so you were sitting there ready to hand it over with a smug smile and a yawn while everyone else was still trying to scribble madly under their desk at the last minute? No? Nor me.

But Magento business owners who happen to have made their eCommerce site mobile-friendly already have every reason to smile smugly, because in May we saw the rollout of the Google algorithm that will reward all such businesses with a delicious search ranking boost.

The update was originally announced in March and provided a good incentive for eCommerce businesses to get things mobile-friendly. Since the rollout, businesses who have their house in order have already begun to see the benefit in terms of SEO.

Still waiting?

It can take a while for some sites to benefit because Google is handling this mobile update according to each individual page on your site, which means that if you’ve tuned up your eCommerce site indexing for a fast crawl from the Google bots, you’re likely to be much quicker to benefit than other sites.

Okay, so what if you’re one of the ones who didn’t do their homework on time? Not to worry. First of all, how about finding out exactly where your site stands on the mobile-friendly scale by using Google’s own mobile-friendly test, which will analyse your URL for you. You’ll find it among the Google webmaster tools.

If things aren’t yet as they should be, it’s still okay by the way. You haven’t missed the boat. Just make the changes now and you’ll get that search ranking boost that Google is giving to everyone who is tuned up for mobile devices.

This algorithmic change is all part of encouraging the eCommerce world to continue to adapt to the changing landscape of technology and shopping.