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Google AdWords Auction Insight – The Most Insightful Insight Tool In Sight? (Part 2)

  • Written By Ali
  • Posted October 18, 2017
  • 4 minutes Read Time

Welcome back fellow AdWords enthusiasts! From reading part 1 of this article (found here for those of you who missed it) we would hope that you’ve now had a play around and become familiar with the Google AdWords Auction Insight tool and are now ready to push your knowledge to the next level!

That means it’s time for us to crank it up to 11 and blow your minds with a few sneaky tips that you can do using this amazing tool!

Correct Competition Means Correct Traffic – Let’s kick things off with a simple tip that will help you understand if your searches have been appearing for the correct industry – meaning that your adverts are being shown to your target audience. For example, let’s say that you own a sports clothing company and you are targeting keywords for sports trainers, you would expect the list of competitors in Auction Insights to show other sports clothing companies because they would naturally be competing for similar/the same keywords.

If you see that your competitors are not related to the keywords you’re targeting, then you know that something is wrong and that your adverts could be showning to the wrong audience.

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If you see that your competitors are not related to the keywords you’re targeting, then you know that something is wrong and that your adverts could be showing to the wrong audience. It’s a simple tip, but you would be surprised how many people would overlook such an obvious observation!

Who Is Bidding On Your Brand? – For our second tip, we will assume that you have set up and are running a Brand campaign within your AdWords account. This is a campaign which contains your company name as keywords to deter rivals from bidding on your brand name in an attempt to steal your traffic. With all the essentials for a great quality score at your fingertips (keyword and advert relevance, landing page and click through rate) you should naturally beat your competitors to the top (paid) position in Google, but it’s always worth making sure that this is the case.

By looking at the Brand campaign data in the Auction Insights tool you can not only see who else is bidding on your brand name, but double check that you have a better average position, a higher top of the page rate and position above rate. If you find that you are not at the top of the pile 100% of the time, then we would recommend that you relook at your Brand campaign to see why this has happened and act accordingly.

Competitor Device Data – Time to get a bit more technical and dive even deeper into the Auction Insights data to analyse both yours and your competitors performance on different devices. The great thing about segmenting the device data, is that it will allow you to identify any strengths and weaknesses for each campaign/ad group where you could then increase or decrease your device bid adjustments accordingly. Alongside that, it also helps in understanding how well your adverts perform on each device against your competitors.

So, how do you find this data? Well, there are actually two ways to do this! The first will generate the data within the same area as the Auction Insights table which is really confusing, messy and hard to understand. Where the second allows you to export the data to a spreadsheet and then sort the columns however you wish (this method makes life so much easier when it comes to data analysis).

If you wanted to see the data within the Auction Insights report, find and click on the Segment drop down button and select Device. By doing so, it will add the device data to the existing report which is nice if you wanted to quickly glance at it. To export the device data, simply click on the Download Report button (an arrow pointing down towards a line), then select the Format and Segment that you want to export. This will download all the data which you can then work with within your spreadsheets to really get your teeth into!

Daily Analysis Data – Much like the device data, you can segment the data into the days of the week to understand which days your competitors are increasing/decreasing their efforts. This will be helpful to you as it will give you a b

etter understanding of which days are more competitive, which will be harder for you to rank well, and also will allow you to identify gaps in the week for you to take advantage of.

To see this data is very similar to the previous section. Follow the same steps as we mentioned to view the device data, but instead of clicking Device, click on Time and select the metric that you

wish to view. This can done by both the Segment and Download Report method.

So there you have it, a few great tips on how to dig even deeper into the Auction Insights data to make sure you are keeping up with and beating your competitors!

make sure you are keeping up with and beating your competitors!

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If you have any questions about anything we have covered in this post please feel free to get in touch with us at and we will happily get back to you.

Ciao for now…