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Foreign Shoppers Account For UK’s mCommerce Christmas Success

  • Written By CJ
  • Posted January 26, 2016
  • 1 minutes Read Time

As a Magento agency, we love bringing you the good news from the digital commerce world, and we have some more for you, with the recent announcement that UK retailers benefitted from a significant spike in online browsing figures through international devices in the last quarter.

Recent figures released from the British Retail Consortium and Google highlight beauty products as the most popular items on an international scale between October and December, revealing that browsing rates on mobile devices grew as much as 51%!

On the other hand, browsing through tablet devices recorded a noticeable drop-off. Beauty products endured a 12% drop in interest on tablets, while apparel figures increased by 41% on mobile, and saw a drop of 16% on tablets.

“Across many Western countries we have seen high mobile growth, from mature nations such as the US and Germany, through to Hungary and Poland,” said Martijn Bertisen, Retail Director at Google. “However in Asian countries that growth has slowed. In 2014 we saw strong mobile growth from our Eastern neighbours – classically early mobile adopters – and we can see the impact of that now.”