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How to Find the Best Content Ideas

  • Written By Javier
  • Posted May 30, 2017
  • 2 minutes Read Time

Every online business could benefit from some content writing, which is why so many brands decide to start a blog. It sounds great, and it is great, but if you’re writing the content yourself, sooner or later you’ll probably find yourself wondering what else there is left on earth to write about! Don’t worry, it’s a common problem for any writer, and content writers are no exception. Thankfully, we have a few tips to set you in the right direction and get your content marketing back on track.

Consider the keywords that drive customers to your eCommerce website. What are the search terms they use or the phrases they google? Imagine yourself in the head of someone who might be in the market to purchase your product or service, and consider the things they would want to know when writing your next post. In SEO terms, it’s essential to think this way.

For efficiency, why not create a blogging calendar to plan the content? Having a strategy will prompt you whenever you’re struggling to work out what to write next. BuzzSumo is a great start if you want some data to back up your hunch on what subjects are currently trending online. You can input your keywords and see what relevant activity is happening, that way you can plug into with your own slant on the subject.

A tool such as is another option, but you don’t need a tool. If you prefer, you could just try a google search to find out the current trends in relevant forums for your topic. Or how about going back to the FAQs and customer comments you’ve received? Also, don’t forget to look at the questions in emails from clients who needed some industry-specific pointers. These questions are likely to be applicable to a wider group of people, so why not use them as prompts to kickstart your writing and cure that writer’s block?

Remember that Google search bots are crawling your site, as you read this, to discover whether you’re really worth ranking highly. They’re looking for rich, relevant and readable content that humans will like. Hit these targets and touch on the issues of the day and your content writing will be right on track.