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Final Christmas Preparations For Your eCommerce Website

  • Written By Adam
  • Posted December 10, 2015
  • 2 minutes Read Time

Christmas is well and truly on its way, and for festive Magento web designers and Magento store owners alike, that means there’s more to do than just hang up an empty stocking and leave a carrot out for Rudolph. No pressure, but getting ready for the biggest shopping season is one of the major opportunities for eCommerce success. Let’s take a look at what should be on your Magento Christmas list.

First some eCommerce basics. Get ready for serious traffic. If your Magento store is worth a visit, then when the word spreads in the holiday season the crowds should be piling in. Check that your site is up to scratch: speed, optimization, security – those obvious eCommerce basics that could let you down big time if you haven’t tuned things up for a while. Make sure you’re not going to get snowed under.

Can you handle big orders? Your inventory must be able to deal with potentially healthy sized orders, which means you need to think ahead about logistics and consider Magento tools that will do the necessary reordering automatically as and when. At this time of year each passing day matters and there’s nothing like an ‘out of stock’ message to send Santa shopping next door for his last minute presents.

Communication is crucial. Helplines, live chat, the personal touch. At a time of high activity and short deadlines, people with pressing questions and urgent comments want access to effective communication with real-life people. Make sure your Magento elves are ready and waiting.

What about some nice seasonal photos? Does your Magento site look as if we’re mere weeks and days away from Christmas, or does it look the same as it did back in the summer? Even if it’s just adding the odd festive touch, it’s worth letting your eCommerce hair down just a little. (Probably draw the line at sleigh bell sound effects though…)

Top of the tree, what about showing the world your star gift suggestions and most popular purchases. Display your shipping deadlines very clearly, and then use ratings and great product reviews to help create a fun and festive buzz.

No cracking open the sherry until you’ve done all that…!