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Festive eCommerce Sales Expected To Hit £16.9 Billion In UK This Year

  • Written By Ali
  • Posted November 24, 2016
  • 2 minutes Read Time

When everyone is whizzing around, hitting up the high-street shops and buying presents online for their loved ones this festive season, the analysts will be busy too. This year, they have estimated that through the chief Christmas 2016 period of November and December, the sales from UK eCommerce stores will reach around £16.9 billion, digital and marketing intelligence group eMarketer, has stated.

This shows an increase of £2.25 billion, up from £14.65 billion last year, with the figure representing in the region of one-fifth of total Christmas shopping sales this year compared to 17.8% of all Christmas sales in 2015.

The UK Christmas Season Retail Sales forecast published by eMarketer also highlights the fact that the ever-growing trend leaning towards consumers making purchases via their smartphone in the UK is a main component of the upsurge in eCommerce sales over the festive period.

The report goes on to forecast a total of 36.4% in retail sales will be accounted for by mobile eCommerce acquisitions in the UK in 2016, a figure that still falls short of purchases through tablets. However, over the next three years, we are expected to see the shift move in favour of the smartphone, with 2020 forecast as the year that mCommerce sales will reach 52% of smartphone devices.

In total, the UK retail sector is expected to see a grand total of £83.22 billion coming its way during this year’s holiday shopping season, which will represent annual growth of 1.3%. This would be a marginal rise in 2015, when retail sales for the festive period declined by 0.3% year on year, in fact.