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Feeling Not So Blue… Google Reveals Black Links Testing

  • Written By Livie
  • Posted May 10, 2016
  • 3 minutes Read Time

There’s an army of Google fans across the world who are losing their minds right now thanks to Google’s latest news that they are testing a new change to the world’s most widely-used search engine results page.

The search engine giant appears to be conducting tests to see how black, as opposed to blue links, work for its search pages. For many users of the search engine facility, the change will certainly appear as a small one, however, it’s a relatively drastic alteration to make for a page that has, for the most part, kept the same appearance since it began on September 4th, 1998, only showing the slightest tweaks here and there.

Why The Change?

As with its various other previous modifications, the link colour change seems, at first sight, to be merely testing at this point. The common thought is that Google is doing this to explore whether people are more likely to click on black as opposed to the current blue links.

Typically, people using the search facility on Google will view the page’s title in blue, which is clickable, alongside the URL in green, followed by a black-coloured description. The other elements have remained the same, and so it’s that blue title that has seen a change in colour, for now, it would appear.

We Don’t Like Change!

As we’ve seen with previous changes, even the smallest ones to Google’s aesthetics, they have a habit of to bringing quite the hullabaloo.

Cast your minds back a short time to last year when Google switched its logo to the one we’re all accustomed to now and ended up with some VERY disgruntled users (how dare they!).

Go back another twelve months to 2014, when the leading search engine company revealed the slightest change to the logo which led to an outcry from the small number of people who actually saw it!

They’ve Done It Before And They’ll Do It Again

This certainly isn’t the first time that Google has farmed out some subtle changes to their search engine. Some seven years ago they experimented with no less than 41 different shades of blue for the links on its users. To some this may seem petty and irrelevant, I mean, how pedantic could one company be? But, when you consider that the test went on to earn Google an additional $200 million in extra revenue following the discovery of the right colour, they were the ones who came up trumps! (Something you might want to consider when it comes to your Magento eCommerce web design).

It’s not entirely clear just who the new link colour is rolling out to, or whether there are certain targeted users, search results, or any other factors involved at this time, so we’d advise that you sit tight for now, and watch this space!