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How To Use Facebook To Increase Sales

  • Written By Andy
  • Posted January 20, 2014
  • 2 minutes Read Time

Love it or hate it, Facebook is a fantastic tool for increasing eCommerce sales and you can’t afford to not engage with this platform if you’re serious about achieving business growth. But just having a Facebook page isn’t enough to get your Magento store buzzing with new visitors who are destined to become converting customers.

Get some striking images online and you’ll be helping to build your audience much more powerfully. Posts with pictures and photos always massively outperform those without, so definitely make use of visual media. Be careful though to use images that communicate without the need for additional explanation. Increase the chances of people stopping to look by adding words to the picture that indicate it’s fresh material – ‘new’ or ‘just in’.
Don’t just sell your product, sell the benefits too. Show customers how using your product enhances life for the consumer by showing the item in a wider context of an aspirational lifestyle. You can do this subtly by having other props in the image that would appeal to the buyer, or by placing the scene in a location that looks attractive.

Offer your visitors coupons or product discounts in return for social engagement. You’ll bring more viewers to your page if you’ve received a lot of ‘likes’ so it’s worth incentivising this element. You can also create offers that are time sensitive. Giving a limited duration of the sale price is a good trigger for conversions.

Most of your Magento customers will have access to Facebook and many will be avid users, so it’s always worth spending time getting to know the Facebook community and lingering around the sites and content where your potential customers hang out. That way you can build a community with emotional attachment, which makes for a great online business presence.

Facebook could well increase your sales if you keep your profile alive and kicking and use some well thought out eCommerce strategy.