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Facebook Set To Dip Into The eCommerce Sector

  • Written By Andy
  • Posted October 13, 2015
  • 2 minutes Read Time

Recent news has revealed that Facebook is currently honing its sights on the eCommerce market, after showing plans to introduce an in-app buying option for its members.

Popular shopping items such as clothes and shoes, as well as any other product offered by Facebook’s advertisers, will become available to purchase from its smartphone and tablet app, with the company currently testing a variety of ad formats. These formats will allow people to have access to what it believes is the best buying experience possible for its users.

Facebook claims that people avoid buying items using apps because their experience is a slow one (they’ve obviously never considered Magento and Magento designers successful platform performances).

They’ve claimed that they want to simplify the buying experience to a point where it’s as easy to buy something as it is to post a status update.

Additionally, features Facebook is considering applying include ads that show a brand’s products without taking users from the app, expanded pages when a user clicks on an advert from a certain company, and using tools such as popup ads (!!)

They say that businesses will have the option to add a catalogue of products on existing Facebook pages made for business. This, in theory, will create a smoother experience for social network fiends who can’t bear to exit their favourite platform! This potentially could mean the addition of a ‘buy now’ button, on ads and other strategic places on your Facebook feed.