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Facebook Has Launched Marketplace, A Much Friendlier Craigslist

  • Written By Ali
  • Posted November 2, 2016
  • 2 minutes Read Time

Buying and selling online is an everyday fact of life. We already have several ways to do that. Well, now enter Facebook Marketplace, which is another one.

Transactions on Marketplace won’t cost a fee, unlike some of the other online digital commerce trading options, because Facebook is more interested in keeping people online for longer, to make the most of their advertising.

Marketplace won’t have the same protection as some other eCommerce opportunities either, but their claim is that because Facebook requires you to demonstrate your real self online, it should be safer than other anonymous selling options.

Obviously, within Facebook groups, people have been doing transactions informally for a long time. The marketplace is Facebook’s approach to making this more formal. The way it works is this. To sell, you just need an image, and then you input the price, your location and a description of the item you want to sell. Viewers get the chance to make an offer or send a message, and when an offer is accepted, the buyer can physically go to meet the seller and complete the purchase. Having already made contact online via Facebook should offer a reasonable level of safeguarding. That’s the theory.

This approach gives customers the chance to browse for items casually, a bit like wandering the high street on a Saturday afternoon as more of a social experience or a way to pass the time. The app is primarily phone-based at this point, driving its sales through mobile technology, though at some point a desktop app will be developed. It’s significant that the design should happen this way round, in line with the increasing trend for mobile eCommerce transactions. It could become another online shopping phenomenon.

eCommerce trading is becoming easier by the day. Magento business owners can extend their shops further and further as technology allows. These are exciting times to be an online seller!