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Ever Wondered How Wasting Time On Social Media Could Help Your Business?

  • Written By Adam
  • Posted January 28, 2016
  • 3 minutes Read Time

Has anyone ever told you that social media is “boloney” for your business? These people are the people you need to ignore! There’s one thing that you can count on, and that it’s definitely not baloney, and if you want your business to thrive in the millennial generation you need to instantly dismiss notions that claim otherwise.

We understand that as a boss you might see a flaw in time wasting on social media. If you tell employees they can’t use social networks during the working day, they are going to anyway. It might not be acceptable, but the urge is too strong these days and it’s going to happen. So, how can you take full advantage of the situation and benefit from it from a business point of view? We’ve got a few points you might find helpful:

Should I Introduce Tools/Apps To Monitor And Control The Amount Of Wasted Time Employees Use Up On Social Media?

In this instance, firewalls might be enough to keep track of social networking: the use of a firewall enables you to see how long people stay logged in for as well as how much data they exchange with a particular service. If you like to rule the roost on this side of things a little more heavily then be prepared to set yourself up with the complete host of software, messages, traffic and staff relations.

Essentially, you can try and try but you can’t snuff out a reign of social media, and there is one thing that is for certain: clandestine prying, traffic-logging and other covert tactics are a sure-fire way to creating a disaster in the workplace.

Is There A Serious Purpose To It All? 

There are plenty of officials, more business orientated networks online, so if you only had Facebook and Twitter in mind, then you can be pleasantly surprised to know that you can expand further than the two social media giants, which may be more useful to you too!

Have you ever considered that a proportion of your customers are regularly active on a certain social media platform? Have you thought about how that provides you with an easy way to talk to them, and embrace it?

Additionally, it’s a widely used social media strategy to have accounts everywhere, so we’d advise you to keep a low profile, do regular searches for your brands and trademarks and then introduce contact to those who mention said brands and trademarks, both directly and privately.

Who Should Run The Social Media?

You might have an idea of who to put in the position of the ‘easiest job in the office’, however, it’s probably not who you had in mind. As purveyors in the digital world, we would suggest that you turn to the person in your company who you would most like to discipline for the highest level of time wasted using social media instead of working. Put this person at the forefront of researching your digital presence, and we’re confident that they’ll have an impressive comeback for you when the job is done!

Combine good social media presence with a Magento eCommerce platform for your site and you’ll be setting yourself up with a solid foundation for successful results!