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Ensure Your SEO Content Will Have An Impact

  • Written By Javier
  • Posted November 10, 2014
  • 2 minutes Read Time

Don’t be content with just any SEO content. The internet is stuffed full of nonsense that’s irrelevant and uninteresting. You need to be different. With a bit of help, you can create Magento content that reaches out of the screen, takes your customer by the shoulders and gives him the full on engaging sales experience he’s been waiting for all morning.

To get great results, you need to do what most people aren’t doing. Be innovative. Make your content unexpected. People way back when used to do this by including the word SEX in their copy. But you’re above such tacky tactics. Keep your content relevant and professional and go for excellence rather than cheap shots unless you’re really sure your customer base will go for it.

Credible and concrete content is good. Marketing spiel has tended to be so full of hot air and promises that most people would prefer to be promised less, as long as they’re being offering something they can really believe in. There’s no point you pretending to be expert in every field; you’re own will do. And that goes even for those subjects that are guaranteed to get high numbers of clicks and likes. Stick to your field.

On the other hand, appeal to the emotions. Life is hard, but kittens are cuddly, and everyone remembers where they were on the day they watched the final episode of Friends. Facts and figures can be compelling, but if you’re offered the chance to spend 5 minutes reading a list of numbers and percentages versus watching a clip that makes you laugh out loud, you’ll probably go for the video. Think about that when you’re creating content.

Another way into your customer’s heart is to remind them of their childhood roots with some good old storytelling. Everyone likes to follow a narrative journey if it’s inspiring, engaging and well written. Tell us a story that leads to a call to action and you might just get the happy ending you’re after.

Basically, keep your content clear, credible, relevant, eye-catching and worth stopping to read. That way you’ll keep the search bots happy too.