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Enhance The Brand Of Your eCommerce Store

  • Written By Livie
  • Posted June 8, 2015
  • 2 minutes Read Time

What is the brand message you’re looking to convey? Can you spell it out easily? Is your Magento store conveying that message clearly in it’s heart and soul as well as it’s words and pictures? Take that step from amateur eCommerce sales into the ranks of the pros just by taking a fresh look at your brand message and reminding yourself that it needs to flood through every aspect of your eCommerce store.

To decide what it is you stand for and what you want to say, you’ll have to think long and hard about why the business came about and what problem it looks to solve in its niche. The next step is to look at how this message is communicated. If you’re a new eCommerce brand, it will first need explaining to the masses to raise awareness and get people talking and thinking about it. It needs to have a buzz about it, not just be a matter of cold hard logic. Introduce an emotional element that the intended audience for your product line will identify with. Stir potential customers’ imaginations by provoking questions in their minds and hearts that show you know how they think and give them tangible reasons to get on board with your brand. Just don’t get too pretentious about this – stay believable and down to earth. You’re not Apple (unless you’re Apple).

If your brand has been up and running for a while, don’t be complacent. You can enhance your brand by studying the competition and seeing what’s so good about them. Get feedback on your Magento site by asking real-life users, not just your granny. Don’t be afraid to refresh your look if it’s been a while since your last rebranding, but don’t do this half-heartedly because you’ll want to keep precious regular clients still on board, as far as possible.

There’s no quick fix or magic formula to branding, but as a rule of thumb, the businesses that live and believe what they preach tend to be those that communicate the most credible and effective branding. Think about your eCommerce customers and what they’re looking for. It’s all about enhancing the brand.