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Emails That Sell For You – Automatically!

  • Written By CJ
  • Posted January 26, 2015
  • 2 minutes Read Time

Are you using autoresponder emails yet? What we’re talking about is a set series of communications that land in your customer’s inbox automatically over a set period of time, prompted by them subscribing to your newsletter or specifically requesting it. On the face of it the purpose of the email content should be in order to educate customers or give them some valuable info they’ll welcome, but the essential key benefits to you include keeping your product line fresh in people’s minds, and introducing the features of your range as easy and comprehensive solutions to the common problems the email recipients are likely to face.

Autoresponder emails are great for building mobile commerce trust and rapport, and basically prompting regular routines of interaction between your eCommerce business and your customers. You become a household name for them, and as a result, you’ll be the name that springs to mind when they’re looking to buy or recommend a brand in your line of trade.

So how do you design a series of autoresponder emails? First and foremost, find a topic that is likely to engage interest. You could select one at random and take a chance, but why not do a bit of mobile commerce research – social media, customer surveys, analytics on your own site – to find the keywords that keep cropping up. When you have the topic, decide whether you want to create brand eCommerce new copy, or maybe rework some other existing content into a new format.

A short series of emails are more likely to work first off, as well as being easier and quicker to produce, but when you’re in the swing of things why not try a longer series and really put your business knowledge on the map. Bullet points, carefully constructed paragraphs and clutter-free presentation are the order of the day, and you might even add a P.S. as an ‘afterthought’ to catch the eye.

There’s nothing like a happy subscriber to keep your eCommerce ticking over, so treat your customer base to some friendly regular emails and see how sales figures benefit.