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Email Designs To Steer Clear Of!

  • Written By Livie
  • Posted September 15, 2016
  • 2 minutes Read Time

How full is your inbox? Have you read all your messages? The chances are, like everyone else you pick and choose which ones seem worthwhile and which ones are likely to say nothing new or interesting. So it is to your Magento customers. If you send them an eCommerce email that is poorly designed and unprofessional, it doesn’t matter how big a discount you’re offering them, or how fabulous your products, they won’t even know about it. So let’s have a look at a few eCommerce design flaws to avoid.

First, make sure your email is clearly branded and responsive to mobile devices. Good use of visual content is appealing and accessible. However, if you make it all about the photos, you could run into problems. If your customer accesses the message in a place where their internet connection is poor and only text is loading. If you haven’t included significant elements in text only, they’ll miss your sales message and they won’t even get the text preview to say what it was about. Pictures are slower to load. And what’s more, you could find your email messages being considered as spam by filters, which means the customer won’t get the message in the first place. So make good use of images, but not only images.

How about calls to action. It’s important to guide your Magento customers straight towards the behaviour you want to encourage. That’s the whole point of sending the message in the first place. But don’t have too many calls to action or the reader will go for the simplest option and do nothing. You don’t want to overwhelm, or make them think too hard. Have just one or two clear calls to action.

Finally, don’t hide the unsubscribe link, thinking that will keep digital eCommerce customers on board. If you display it clearly (as is good practice) your customers will know they have the choice, and may not be in such a hurry to work out how to jump ship.

So tune up your email designs and make sure you make the most of every communication to further your eCommerce success.