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The Most Effective Ways To Grow Your Social Media Presence

  • Written By Andy
  • Posted November 11, 2017
  • 2 minutes Read Time

Social Media is part of everyone’s life. And in business that’s something you really need to cash in on if you’re serious about making the sales. Getting your brand name mentioned frequently and positively on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other Social Media platforms means that people are talking about what you have to offer and the good news will spread.

Social Media is part of everyone’s life!

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The most important thing to remember about building your social media presence is that just being present in those conversations is half the battle. Blog and post regularly. Pick the subjects that you know mean a lot to your target customer base, and demonstrate you know what you’re talking about. If someone’s asking questions out there about your product and you have answers they need, get involved.

But make sure you don’t annoy people by tagging your brand with every single comment you make like someone who can’t stop talking about work at a party. Endearing trust and familiarity through genuinely joining in conversations is a better approach, letting them find out more when they’re good and ready. It’s so easy for people to unfollow, or to give up on your email subscriptions because of a feeling of being pestered with marketing messages. But if you provide quality information, with any luck, happy customers will mention you in glowing terms to their friends whenever your kind of product or service pops into the conversation. That social proof is invaluable.

Videos and graphics are still a proven way to make your social media pop. A picture speaks a thousand words, and if you can provide a video that is worth sharing, so much the better. Keep it short and snappy and ensure the quality of the photo doesn’t mean it takes too long to load. That’s important.

Engagement using social media is different from other forms of interaction, so if Facebook isn’t your thing, it might be worth giving the job of social media officer to someone who loves online communication. But if you don’t have that member of staff on your team, at least ensure that the posts you’re posting are well-written and on topic.

You might think that social media isn’t a top priority for you, say if you’re in a sector where customers are in a demographic you don’t imagine shops online. But bear in mind everyone nowadays is shopping online. Everyone.

So grow your Social Media presence and and cash in on the free advertising that comes from satisfied purchasers telling their friends. That could spread like wildfire.