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eCommerce To Get The Einstein Treatment

  • Written By Javier
  • Posted July 28, 2017
  • 2 minutes Read Time

Artificial Intelligence is part of everyday life now for the online retailer. All that data that used to be lost in the ether – past purchase history, product preferences, search information, response to campaigns and offers – all that can be harnessed nowadays to help inform marketing strategies and business growth.

When you know your customer, you can anticipate the kinds of needs you might be able to meet, problems you can solve for them, and products of your that will interest them.

Einstein is the latest AI technology from Salesforce, and it’s a whizz with analytics. With it’s range of cutting edge features, Einstein can handle automation of personalised communications, respond to problems with shipping and supply, and create a detailed inventory from a complex image of multiple products.

It’s an interesting point that Amazon, that giant of the eCommerce world, has such sophisticated, intuitive and effective search facilities, that more than half of all online product searches start there. Of course, very many of them end there too in a purchase, which suggests that if only eCommerce sellers could up their game and produce effective alternative search capacity for their specialised genre, they might bag more sales in the end game.

What’s more, with all that data being entered, Amazon gets to gain valuable data-drive knowledge in all sorts of ways that the rest of us can only dream about. But the good news is that Einstein says that now you can do that too.

Perhaps the most groundbreaking aspect of the Einstein technology is it that it is accessible. It doesn’t depend on high levels of understanding, and it doesn’t need a team of techies to implement. In other words, the marketplace gets more competitive again, with an open door even for those who are new to eCommerce.

It’s hard to remember, but there was a time before artificial intelligence when conversing with customers and meeting their needs depended on them sticking within the stereotypical guidelines eCommerce retails anticipated. That lack of sophistication and personalised service won’t impress todays discerning online consumers.

It’s time to gather and use the data wisely so that you can treat your customer like a human, and grow your sales too. Sounds like a genius thought.