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eCommerce Retail Blooming After Brexit Wobble

  • Written By CJ
  • Posted July 14, 2016
  • 1 minutes Read Time

Thanks to the decision to leave the European Union, Britain’s economy took an expected hit in June, however, real-time data has given the retail eCommerce sector reason to be upbeat after it highlighted a recovery this month.

The implications of the Brexit move are yet to be fully seen (no need to hit the panic button yet) and it has been stated that we will begin to see what we are dealing with from August. Experts have said that a lot will boil down to companies’ preparedness to invest, along with households’ willingness to make the bigger categorised purchases.

There’s also good news in that some experts have mooted the fact that we are actually just below the level we were at a week before the Brexit result in terms of eCommerce sales.

It should be reiterated that nothing is set in stone, it rarely is, but things aren’t so bad for the eCommerce businesses selling their products as some may have anticipated, so don’t go selling the domain for your best digital commerce platform just yet!