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eCommerce Personalisation Part 3: Successful Personalisation

  • Written By CJ
  • Posted September 25, 2015
  • 2 minutes Read Time

Here’s the third and final part of our guide, where we take a look at what successful personalisation means for you.

eCommerce technology is catching up with what we all knew all along – people are more than just types, they are unique individuals. Stores who recognise and celebrate that fact will attract discerning customers and their all-important purchasing power. Back in the early days automated versions of personalisation operated on more of a one-size-fits-all basis, sorting customers according to particular sectors and profiles. With detailed analytics and a strategic approach, your customers will feel you know them personally.


Personalisation may well be a step up from what you’re used to. No doubt you’ve already been diligently optimising your Magento landing page, A/B testing to see what works best, and redesigning the buttons, graphics and layout to appeal to the widest customer base. Excellent. But here’s the thing. When you get the landing page ‘just right’ for 60% of your visitors, it stands to reason that it won’t be just right for the other 40%. Wouldn’t it be better if each individual consumer automatically viewed exactly the right layout for them? That’s what we’re talking about with personalisation.


Magento ecommerce developers can easily modify your company’s eCommerce sales experience to make sure email communication and onsite activity is presented with a consistent and familiar voice and style, right across the board, whatever the platform, whatever the device. Customised content will show immediate customer recognition and what’s displayed won’t just change monthly but as and when, tracking your customer’s relevant behaviours and tailoring their online experience accordingly. Get set up to know their location and you can even personalise sales messages in line with the weather in their area this afternoon. Become a trusted part of their everyday life, and customers will tell their friends, as well as spending their spare moments checking the latest bargains you’re offering them personally.


For a streamlined experience that’s a win-win for both sellers and purchasers, it’s time to personalise your Magento store and move yourself up to the next level of eCommerce success. Contact us for help and advice with Magento personalisation and we’ll get you started.