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eCommerce Personalisation Part 2: The How And Why Of Personalisation

  • Written By Marcus
  • Posted September 22, 2015
  • 2 minutes Read Time

Last time we introduced the concept of personalisation for eCommerce. This time we’re going to look at how and why to make use of it.

Personalisation isn’t as complex and space age as you might think. With the right professional help, you can quickly and easily achieve a high level of impact for your eCommerce store, with all the features and advantages that the big brands are using. Basically, it comes down to learning about your customer through the way they interact with your store, how they behave, what influences that behaviour, and gaining insight and understanding about what they are looking for. It stands to reason that, armed with this information, you’re going to be better placed to give excellent customer service and to make sales suggestions they’ll actually welcome.

Personalisation comes down to data. A platform that uses Magento support is perfectly placed to handle all the necessary analytics. Your Magento developer can set up your platform to collect, quantify and analyse the customer information that’s going to help your particular business needs, and thereafter you’ll be free to make many of the simple tweaks and adjustments without help.

Start by thinking about your business and its key performance indicators (KPIs) – the metrics and figures that are essential for your business goals, such as conversion, increased engagement or higher volume sales. What would make the most difference to your business? How can you identify and target the areas that will lead to the real results you’re after.

Retaining loyal customers can reduce your marketing spend, as new customers cost more to acquire than existing ones cost to keep. Encouraging an increase in the value of regular orders placed makes each retained customer even more lucrative for you. Make use of targeted campaigns and special offers to invite just the right customers to purchase just the right products at just the right time, and they’ll actually be thanking you for selling to them.

A business like Amazon can sit quietly on everyone’s mobile app with their personalised information already saved so that their one-click checkout procedure is quicker than retrieving a credit card from a wallet. Each sale reinforces the familiarity and ease of the consumer/store relationship. Seriously. Get your store personalising, and that could be your store!