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eCommerce New Year’s Resolutions For 2016

  • Written By Javier
  • Posted December 28, 2015
  • 2 minutes Read Time

Christmas came and went, the New Year is on the doorstep, and your Magento world is ready to burst into 2016 like a massive exploding firework of eCommerce magic, right? Okay, so maybe you’re still digesting the turkey sandwiches and sleeping off the champagne, but when you finally emerge from all that, remember to come back here and consider some of the good eCommerce resolutions you probably should have made.

Well done with any Christmas profits, but don’t stop there. Did Christmas bring you, new customers? If so, why not reward them and see if you can entice them to come back. Discount codes and special bargains for existing Magento eCommerce customers could be just the thing to encourage some loyalty and pride in your brand. Strike while the iron’s hot and see what you can do to keep your newly acquired Christmas shoppers on board in 2016. Think about offering VIP status to create that special feeling of being a member of the elite, with newsletters, time-saving options, that kind of thing.

Think about all those shiny new devices your potential customers got for Christmas, and optimise, optimise, optimise! There’s no reason not to make sure that a smartphone reaching your site finds its own tailor-made interface, while a tablet reaching the same site finds everything automatically resizing and reformatting accordingly. And if there’s anyone out there still using a desktop computer (only joking!) then they should be able to expect more than an app’s worth of detail when they visit your Magento site. Get responsive and make your store simple to navigate on every major device.

Consider ramping up your social media presence this new year with some regularly updated posts. Blogs and articles are great for SEO, as they improve interaction with your Magento brand and they get the word out there for people to engage with. And finally, we wouldn’t be Media Lounge if we weren’t also advising you to take the opportunity of the new year to do some basic housekeeping on your site – speed up, clear out, refresh, update. You know the score. Happy New Year!