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eCommerce In The UK Is Set To Reach £69.3 Billion in 2016

  • Written By Grace
  • Posted July 6, 2016
  • 2 minutes Read Time

So as the title suggests, ecommerce is having a flourishing kind of year. A lot of this is can be attributed to the fact that there’s been the significantly impressive growth in smartphone-based purchases.

It has been stated that the expectations for mobile ecommerce is that it is to be worth £25.6 billion this year, which would establish an increase of over a quarter when compared to last year.

eMarketer’s latest forecast has produced the latest expectations about the ecommerce and mcommerce industry in the United Kingdom, and with ecommerce growing in the UK, it would help to recover the drop off in regular retail sales. eMarketer claims that ecommerce will make up almost a quarter (22.6%) of total UK retail sales in the next four years to 2020. If their forecast is correct, the UK would become a world leader as far as ecommerce’s share of total retail sales are concerned.

Furthermore, the mcommerce industry is set to continue to give back double-digit growth for the forthcoming two years and come 2020 mcommerce is anticipated to surpass £43.4 billion.

Experts have also cited that the majority of UK mobile commerce sales come through the use of tablets. This year, in the region of £16.3 billion was spent via tablets, which transpires to in excess of 62% of the total mcommerce sales in the UK. However, smartphones have a clear role, with users shopping via a mobile telephone increasing in number rapidly, so much so that commerce through mobile devices accounts for 36.4% of all UK mcommerce spending now. There’s no sign of it stopping either, as by 2020 its share is set to expand to 52% and return sales of £22.7 billion.