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eCommerce Facts And Figures

  • Written By Livie
  • Posted October 23, 2015
  • 2 minutes Read Time

Here’s a quick quiz to check you’re on top of your eCommerce stats. It throws up some surprising figures that are well worth bearing in mind.

1. What percentage of purchases are likely to be abandoned on the basis of delivery costs or shipping fees?

Answer: over 60%, according to one study. That’s huge. Sort out your shipping costs today!

2. Are customers using mobile devices more likely to use tablets or smartphones?

Answer: tablets, mostly. And by the way, most purchases via mobile devices are made in the comfort of purchaser’s own homes, not out and about.

3. What is the predicted worth of mobile purchasing power in 2017? (Clue, in 2013 it was a mere $1.5 trillion.)

Answer: Yes, that’s right, over $3 trillion. And just when you were thinking smartphones were a bit of a fad…

4. In the UK, what proportion of eCommerce purchases take place after 6pm?

Answer: Just a third, actually. It turns out most of the shopping happens during normal working hours.

5. What landmark figure was reached on the day in 2013, now known as ‘Cyber Monday’?

Answer: The highest ever online sales. Get this. In just one day, purchases topped a staggering $1.7 billion. Come on people, next Monday. Let’s go break some records…!

6. How long on average is the minimum length of time 65% of consumers take to compare other products before making a purchase?

Answer: At least 16 minutes. If you’re interested, the same survey showed only around a third of consumers spend more than 30 minutes looking around before buying.

7. What percentage of people with internet access have ever bought something online? This one might surprise you.

Answer: Only 80%. And the figure is down to 50% when it comes to making more than one purchase.

8. Here’s another surprising one. Think about small businesses in the US. What percentage of those are currently making sales online? 90%? 75%? Nope.

Answer: Just 28%.

9. How about the percentage of online shoppers who start off using a search engine?

Answer: 44%. (Mental note: take your Google rankings seriously!)

10. And finally, a sobering thought for blog posters. What percentage of sales are likely to be inspired by reading a blog post?

Answer: 13%. Ah well. It all helps.

Here at Media Lounge, we’re not only good at informative quizzes for your business knowledge, we’re great with Magento UK hosting too! Why not get in contact with us today and see how we can help you?