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eCommerce Content Strategy Tips

  • Written By Andy
  • Posted April 26, 2016
  • 2 minutes Read Time

It’s time to boost your eCommerce content by returning to your business plan and considering the benefits of a joined-up approach. Yes, you can just add any old content to your site, but a well-rounded eCommerce campaign will complement and blend in perfectly with everything else that’s happening in your Magento business over the sales period.

It’s not just our Magento designers who will advocate the fact that to optimise your eCommerce content according to overall business priorities you will have to think about the customer base you’re looking to grow, the products you’re looking to shift, and the messages you need to promote. Why not sketch out a whole framework of topics you want to cover over the year, leaving room to pick up on trending and seasonal themes as you go? Keep your eye on what’s hot in your industry and what’s currently buzzing with your customers. Use analytics to find out what’s working for you and what isn’t. If you find that a particular phrase or topic gets a lot of shares, it’s a good bet that it will also bring you some business. So make an ongoing analysis of your site a priority as you refine your content marketing strategy.

What kind of content? Well, you better know by now that those Magento sites who are blogging tend to get well over 10 times the return on investment of those who don’t. So make sure you’re blogging. Also, consider eye-catching images and infographics. Everyone loves visual content that’s informative, fun and shareable. Great video content is perfect for grabbing attention and remember, outsourcing some of the tasks that take you the most brainpower means your day gets freed up to focus on other things. You can pick up quality images for next to nothing on sites like Fiverr, but make sure visual content is persuasive and aspirational. That means products are well lit, positioned in nice locations, being used and enjoyed by consumers who look like they’re having a good day.

Make your marketing strategy a collaborative effort. Communicate with the whole team to find out where each department is focusing and style your marketing content accordingly. For a high-powered all-around approach to content marketing, tailor your posts to fit with your whole business strategy. It’s definitely the way to go.