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eCommerce Basket Best Practices

  • Written By Javier
  • Posted January 29, 2016
  • 2 minutes Read Time

Abandoned carts are just the worst, aren’t they? The problem is nothing new, but it’s still an issue of epidemic proportions for eCommerce sellers. So once again here we’ll face up to the facts about success in the checkout experience and walk you through a few basic steps to take the trepidation out of the trolley.

What is it that distracts your customer’s attention just when they were about to buy? Whatever else, it definitely includes all those questions that suddenly arise: your credibility and trustworthiness as a seller, whether they can get a better deal elsewhere, and whether they really needed that particular product or whether they could have made a better choice if they waited.

Cash in on those thinking processes by offering alternatives that work out better in the long run for you. What about upselling and cross-selling – in other words, suggesting other products that are upgrades of the ones they’re looking at, or that might be nicely compatible with additional purchases?

For best practice in eCommerce you need to cut down on the obstacles that slow down the journey through the checkout. One example is to remove the necessity for shoppers to sign up for their full details in order to purchase. A guest checkout option enables this. Clear calls to action are also important, and you can check how to make these even more efficient and simple by a bit of A/B testing. Speedy page loads are also really important.

If you’re going to add any incentivising codes, make sure these aren’t difficult to find or implement, or they will defeat the object. Placing the information for discount codes right at the point of sale enables customers to get the benefit of your fantastic pricing without getting bogged down in the search for them.

Finally, if you have any endorsements, testimonials or affiliations that help demonstrate your excellent site security or watertight guarantees, make them highly visible and so reduce any last minute questions or panics. A safe and happy customer is more likely to buy than one who is still wondering if they can trust you.

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