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How to Drive Traffic to Your Online Business

  • Written By Adam
  • Posted May 28, 2017
  • 2 minutes Read Time

You have the eCommerce website, you have the brand. But where’s the traffic? If you’re feeling all dressed up with nowhere to go in your business, it’s about time you thought about getting out there yourself and not just waiting for the phone call, email, or the magically clicked CTA button to happen all by itself. Scary thought? Don’t panic! We can help you with that.

How about some easy wins to start? Make friends with people in your field who have followers. Like their page, hang around their work, see if they have anything nice to say about you that you can reference. With any luck, these influencers will bring some customers to your store.

If you’re on social media (and surely you are?!) get yourself involved in relevant forum conversations without pushing your brand heavily, and see what opens out organically. If you can demonstrate you’re someone interesting to listen to, they might just want to buy your product, as well as take your advice. Show genuine interest and learn from others in the forum. Don’t make it all about you or your desperation will show through! Be helpful when there are questions, ask some of your own to foster engagement, and listen properly so people know they can trust you.

Back to your own business, and your blog. Content marketing is an effective way of getting yourself on the online map. Start a blog and talk about the kind of things people really want to know in your field. Make yourself the go-to place for handy hints and advice. Add value to your industry and build your identity to match. Offer to blog for other sites so that your brand gains credibility and influence.

What about running a competition to stir up some interest? Offer free gifts for mailing list subscribers to incentivise; that way you have a readymade group of people you know have some interest in your brand, and your list will include the very people who will respond best when you have a new product or service to advertise. It makes sense to build on the successes you already have.

For more advice on your eCommerce website, follow our blog.