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Don’t Make These Marketing Mistakes

  • Written By Andy
  • Posted February 16, 2015
  • 2 minutes Read Time

Even top marketing experts are known to have the odd blunder as they come to grips with an ever-evolving eCommerce world. Trial and error is often the best teacher, but why not learn from other people’s past mistakes rather than start from scratch. Here are some worth noting.

Top of the pile and sinking fast is the dreaded lead balloon of shipping costs. Customers make it all the way to the checkout of your Magento store only to discover that they actually have to PAY to get the goods to arrive with them?! Did you know that just under 30% of customers are likely to abandon their carts at that point and shop elsewhere – even if the alternative goods are slightly higher in cost? It makes sense to keep shipping costs non-existent if you can or failing that, let your Magento store visitor know well in advance of the checkout (no nasty shocks!) and keep shipping as low as humanly possible.

The next no-no in marketing is that sudden request to create a customer account in order to complete a purchase. In the list of reasons why people abandon their orders at the eleventh hour, this comes a very close second. A good idea is to provide the option to purchase as a guest without having to enter a long list of personal details. Better that than lose the sale.

And here’s another biggie – dodgy customer testimonials. We’re not just talking about falsified reviews – that’s a rookie mistake. No, we mean any that show your Magento store in a less than favourable light. It’s worth contacting dissatisfied customers to see what could be done to turn around their bad experience. If they’re kind enough to offer a good news story to offset things, great! Remember that more than 50% of customers are influenced in their purchasing choices by reviews they read of your product.

Finally, if you’ve ever returned to your trolley after a few days only to find the goods have increased in price, you’ll understand that having them reduced in price is a far more effective incentive to resume shopping.

Get your eCommerce marketing right and your Magento store will thank you for it.