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Do More Facebook Likes Mean More eCommerce Success?

  • Written By Andy
  • Posted May 11, 2015
  • 2 minutes Read Time

Facebook is big business. I mean really big. And no-one’s saying you should abandon it as part of your marketing strategy because obviously, it has a place in most people’s lives that we in eCommerce businesses ignore at our peril. However, before we all bow down and sacrifice our whole Magento marketing budget at the throne of Facebook let’s do a bit of number crunching.

Here’s an opening shot that should give you some pause for thought. A recent study showed that only 1% of those who go to the trouble of ‘liking’ your Magento business will actually visit it. Goes to show, there are fans and there are fans. The fans you want are the fans who turn up to your gigs, tell their friends how excellent your music is and demand to receive your merchandising for Christmas and Birthdays. Only very desperate Magento store owners will worry too much about the type of fans who just had enough gumption tick a box when they heard of you to demonstrate they didn’t feel any particular animosity. Don’t be that desperate.

Also, remember that when Google algorithms change there’s always a massive impact on Facebook search results. You just can’t predict what might happen in the future and so you can’t afford to take the chance of investing too much in that direction. Think about Facebook as a solid communications tool rather than a magic slot machine where enough likes will bring the jackpot. The cost of acquiring a Facebook ‘like’ and then maintaining that relationship just isn’t worth the investment you’ll have to put in to make it worthwhile. Go for quality engagement and it’s a different story. Chat on local pages to people who want to talk to you and you’ll drive up sales in an old-fashioned way.

The good news is that Facebook is still a valuable platform for communicating with your customer base. So generate some quality engagement, stop fixating on the ‘likes’ you are or aren’t getting, and get ready for the next big fad to take over. Real customer engagement is free and effective, so remember: THAT’s what you need to use your Facebook profile for.